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We are designers and installers of LPG Systems

We are seasoned professionals in the design, installation, testing and commissioning of LPG systems in line with the Kenya Standard KS 1938-6:2012 on the handling, storage and distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas in domestic, commercial, and industrial installations – code of practice.

LPG Design

LPG System Design

We utilize advanced design techniques, such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), to optimize the design and documentation process, accurately estimate project costs, and prevent material waste on site. BIM is a process that generates and manages building data throughout its lifecycle, from concept to operation and maintenance, using digital modeling tools. BIM provides several benefits to projects, such as cost savings, proper coordination, and improved collaboration among project team members.

Bulk Tank Installation

Bulk Tank LPG Installations

We deal with the installation of bulk tanks of various sizes and their corresponding pipe-work to the various outlets for use in both residential, commercial and industrial settings. We also provide Tank Inspection and Revalidation services for existing bulk tank systems.

Fire Place Installation

Artificial Fireplace Installations

Our fireplace installations are carried out using locally fabricated firepit components, LPG copper and plastic pipe work for gas reticulation, and sizeable gas cylinders for the main gas supply. We combine our fireplace installations with Gas Leak Detection systems to ensure operational safety for the end-user.

Gas Leak Detection

Gas Leak Detection Systems

Ensuring the safety of LPG gas pipe systems through early detection and rectification of gas leaks is crucial for their safe operation. Smart LPG gas leak detection systems are a vital preventive measure that detects potential leaks in a timely manner, guaranteeing the safety of the entire gas installation and ensuring the system remains safe for use throughout its lifespan.

Gas Plastic Pipes

Inspection and Maintenance

We offer routine inspection and maintenance services for LPG systems in use within different industries and building types ranging from residential, commercial, hospital, hotel and mixed-use developments. We provide both Quarterly preventive maintenance (which ensures that the current LPG system is running smoothly and also checking for possible worn out parts for replacement) and Breakdown maintenance (dealing with emergency breakdowns within the LPG system).